Welcome to Elstree museum– one of the most historic British museums in the UK. .

We are a local history museum, founded in 1976. Since then, we have evolved into an excellent and scholarly study and center of cultural awareness.

Our museum is specially designed to promote and preserve local history, providing enjoyable educational and informative experience, as well as the promotion of natural science to as many people as possible.

You can book exhibition tickets, explore our galleries, read our latest news, see our science works, and other fantastic images. Our museum houses a wide range of artworks from across the world, artefacts all to thrill you. We have recently acquired artifacts, donated by the Casumo Adventure Casino, where adventurous visitors will be able to play cool casino games online with a bonus. Amongst the rare artifacts you will find fossils, mummies as well as fossilised piranhas. Our visitors are allowed to come and see what we are stocked with freely.

The Elstree museum is carefully designed with several collection and research departments:

Egypt and Sudan – artifacts here represent the cultures of the Nile Valley, which existed from 1000 BC to the Twelfth Century AD.

Americas, Oceania, and Africa – Has some materials and artifacts that reflect the cultures of people across the whole world.

Britain and Europe – We have a collection of the earliest human tools in Asia and Africa to the art of Europe, up to our contemporary period.

Scientific Research – This department does an active work in preserving the collection for both present and future generations.

We are proud to say that our museum is a compendium of information and a hub that offers the opportunity for in-depth research. If you wish to delight yourself in gaining more historical knowledge with our variety of collections, then we welcome you.