Elstree museum offers you the opportunity to discover and explore the world’s greatest hidden treasures in our beautiful collection. As a hub for information and a promoter of the rich English history, we consistently bring you fresh info about British wildlife, human evolution, and several collections of artifacts from around the world. Having an understanding

a. Human Evolution

Having an understanding of who we are, our origin, and how we evolved is what defines us as human beings.

Examining human evolution is always an exciting experience, especially when you see the fascinating fossil, conduct DNA research, and see some archaeological discoveries. All this helps us to understand our ancient history.

Here at Elstree museum, you can excitingly learn about more than twenty hominine species that form the human family tree and about half of these species come from the fossils discovered in the past thirty years.

Most museum scientists are effectively researching on the movement, physical appearance, abilities, and developments of these early species known as the Homo Sapiens. Elstree museum leads the pack.

b. Oceans

Oceans are one of Earth’s assets which many have not been explored. We bring all the acquatic excitement in our museum.

Rightly said, water constitutes more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, there is still much more information about the oceans that we are yet to know.

Discovering and studying them really helps in preserving these treasured resources for the coming generations. This is why we make energetic efforts to stock our marine collection with the priciest jewels of ocean life.

The estimated average depth of an ocean is more than three kilometers or three miles, according to satellite measurements in 2010.

Our marine scientists explore and study marine specimens across the world, from little fossils to giant whale skeletons. The findings here, however, offer discussions on issues like ocean acidification, and climate change.

These sights are sure to titillate you when you come to our museuem.

c. British Wildlife

Discover the amazing wildlife that makes England a beautiful place to live.

The British enclave is a beautiful abode to different types of plants and animals. There are more than four thousand species of insects, apart from other new species that are gradually unearthing.

The materials in our museum offer you the opportunity to get inspired when outdoor with friends, know what is living with you in the neighborhood, find out the possible threats to wildlife, and discover what you can do to protect and preserve it.

d. Collections

Study the history of the world’s most magnificent city and discover the secret treasures of our fantastic collections.

Our wide variety of historical collections formed the basis of our British museum.

Out of the seventy million specimens found in our museum, only a few numbers are being displayed for public view. We offer you the opportunity to find out entertaining and impressive stories behind the specimens. Also, be opportune to meet and interact with curators and collectors, and read through how they have immensely contributed to enhancing our understanding of our natural environment.