Let us help you plan your visit.

We welcome and regard all visitors to our historical museum. We request that those below the age of eleven be situated in the company of an accountable adult.

Locate the Entrance

The entrance of the museum is at the end of the pedestrian walkway and can be reached by stairs.

Our Facilities

Restaurants and Cafes – there are three cafes inside the museum and two restaurants, stocked with varieties of foods and drinks, designed for families and groups.

  • Launch Hall – you can come along with your home prepared food and use our space.

  • Free WiFi – you can connect your gadgets for free throughout our museum.

  • Toilets - they are available at the reception hall. We also have toilets designed for the disabled.

  • Shop – purchase souvenirs, books, and other relevant materials that explain Britain’s historical events and overall English culture.

Group Visits

Here at Elstree Museum, we offer a fantastic avenue for groups to learn more about the English history and culture.

Among activities designed for groups who visit our museum is the Tour and Walks. You can arrange a group tour for our galleries

Family Visits

We have established our gallery to offer maximum comfort for your family. Parents and their children can watch 1960s TV shows in black and white and picture how life got transformed for kids with the introduction of toys.

We have various fun games for kids such as ‘’color hunt’’, ‘’remember, remember’’, and ‘’Yes or No’’.